Daniela Rhodes/D-Vox Video Interview on ‘Eye Spy’

DJ, Artist, Vocalist & Radio Host.
The extremely talented & versatile Daniela Rhodes aka D-Vox, chats with OGV presenters Hansel & Gretel, explaining her beginnings, inspirations, highlights, current projects & future dreams!

Be sure to support Daniela and Hansel & Gretel by following their social pages below. These girls are the Queens of the live DJ streams!

Join Hansel & Gretel as they interview DJ’s, Musicians & Vocalists from the House Music scene & beyond!

Daniela Rhodes/D-Vox fb – CLICK HERE
Daniela Rhodes/D-Vox Soundcloud – CLICK HERE
Daniele Rhodes/D-Vox Mixcloud – CLICK HERE

Hansel & Gretel fb – CLICK HERE
Hansel & Gretel Soundcloud – CLICK HERE
Hansel & Gretel Mixcloud – CLICK HERE

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