‘Learn How To DJ’ Beginner Video Tutorial – Part 3: ‘Audio Effects’

It’s Part 3 & Dan explores the various audio effects included on the Pioneer XDJ RX2 DJ Controller.

Join Dan de Lissandri at the OGV Music Academy, teaching DJ & Music Production. From entry levels for beginners, right through to more advanced classes.

With extensive teaching experience through DJSchoolUK & Pirate Studios, combined with a wealth of DJ & Production knowledge, Dan is here to help you take your DJing & Production knowledge to the next level.


Part 1/4 – ‘DJ Controller Overview’ ► Click Here

Part 2/4 – ‘Beatmatching’ ► Click Here

Part 4/4 – ‘Auto Looping’ ► Click Here



David Zowie – House Every Weekend (Radio Edit) [Positiva Records]

Joel Corry – Sorry (Extended Mix) [Atlantic Records UK]


EQUIPMENT USED – Pioneer XDJ RX2 DJ Controller

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