#OGV001 – D.C. LaRue – Do You Want The Real Thing (OPOLOPO Remix)

OPOLOPO has delivered his renowned magical touch on this remix of the slick, sultry 1978 disco masterpiece by D.C. LaRue.


The original track was a sure-fire floor filler for djs in 1978 and stamped D.C. LaRue’s first collaboration with Casablanca records and the legendary disco producer, the late Bob Esty.

The track features on the platinum selling soundtrack to the movie “Thank God it’s Friday”, a humorous insight into the goings on of a fictional disco club in LA and features Donna Summer and a young Jeff Goldblum.


⭐ JKriv (Razor n Tape) –
“This is great, touched up in all the right ways but maintains the texture & dynamics of the original. Excellent work by OPOLOPO!”

⭐ Yam Who? (Midnight Riot) –
“Taking you right back into fantasy world that was NYC in the mid to late 70s – DC Larue and Opolopo prove that disco will live long into the future!!”

⭐ Mark Brickman –
“Over 12 minutes of pure bliss. Opolopo delivers nothing less than a magnificent remix of D.C. Larue’s “Do You Want The Real Thing” retaining most of its authenticity but sounding very much like Opolopo!”

⭐ Wahine (Spin City co-host, MyHouseRadio) –
“This is the perfect opening track for any big disco set with a beautifully paced build that just continues to unfold in breathtaking ways at each turn. I love how the instrumentation evolves from very organic to increasingly modern over the course of the 11 epic minutes. This got a road test from me during my live broadcast of Spin City on MyHouseRadio.fm and the chat room as all abuzz! Here’s to hoping it gets a proper run on live dancefloors this summer.”

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