#OGV003 – Wardell Piper – Legendary EP (Ali Aitken REMIXES)

Rounding off the Summer in spectacular style, Ali Aitken delivers two incredible remixes of Wardell Pipers track ‘Legendary’.

First up, his Disco House Remix, featuring soaring string lines from the talented Violinist & Arranger Seonaid Aitken, complimented by a fantastic Saxophone arrangement by Konrad Wizniewski.

The second remix is a stripped back Dub Remix, giving a nod to that piano house sound of the original track, while taking things in a deeper direction.


Ali Aitken explains his approach to the remixes:

I was immediately feeling the vocals, especially the verse which I found myself singing over and over so it was definitely hooky. I could hear how that could translate to a stripped back dub mix right away, retaining that piano house feel but with a deeper, sexier vibe.

For the vocal mix I pictured an uplifting, expansive, disco house number with plenty of live elements. Something ‘Legendary’ couldn’t ever be a small production so rather than using obviously electronic sounds I was keen to ensure the instrumentation had a big, lush sound and a live feel, referencing some classic disco styles and motifs along the way. I brought in two of my favourite musicians to play on it – violinist and arranger Seonaid Aitken (my sis) helped me draw out the melancholy I could hear in the original and really turn up the emotion with her soaring string lines. And saxophonist Konrad Wizniewski was a first choice to solo with his incredible improvisations. He’s a fantastic jazz player and just brings the heat every single time, it really takes things up a level when he’s introduced in the second half.


Wahine – “As a sucker for a good vocal track, the Ali Aitken remixes of Wardell Piper’s “Legendary” delivers on so many levels with a warm, lush, dreamy-yet-driving quality about it–reminiscent of early 2000’s Soulfuric releases. A strong vocal performance, plus a soaring live sax solo set the vocal version apart and demonstrate the high standard that Only Good Vibes is already becoming known for in their third release.”

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