#OGV004 – D.C. LaRue – Indiscreet ‘The Remixes’ (Mark Brickman, Natasha Kitty Katt & The Knutsens)

From the Rhodes style piano that opens the track, to the exotic Indian flute, DJ Mark Brickman’s remix captures the entire spirit of the 1977 original. Bringing a hint of turntable to proceedings around the halfway point, Marks reimagining of the track perfectly blends the classic with the nu.


Natasha Kitty Katt’s remix hits the ground groovin’ with the killer percussion, before weaving in a slinky arp that filters up and down your body, sending DC La Rue’s sultry vocals soaring across the dancefloor to Love you up and carry you away.

The Knutsens have done their homework on this one. Rejigging the elements into yet another arrangement of the hands in the air masterpiece by DC La rue. Vocals and horns stamp their entrance, before the beckoning call of “All I need is Love” brings the sing-along moment in the track. A true throwback that runs the gamut of good vibes.



“D.C. Larue asks us, “Do you get what you pay for?” We most certainly do–and then some–with this funky 3-tracker. All 3 remixers brought their A-games to the project. The Mark Brickman remix jumps straight into the story-telling of D.C. Larue and while there is a definite clap and bump to this groover, the build is deliciously slow and evolving. 

The Knutsens (AKA the gents behind Only Good Vibes) lead with the hand percussion for a funky stepper that leans heavily into the bassline, clavinette, and horns for a very satisfying 60’s jam-band sound on the more organic side of things. 

Natasha Kitty Katt closes out strong with scintillating spaced-out synths that gently tickle the brain, allowing the verses to become a meditation on all of the familiar ways in which love can be expressed. The only problem with this release? Trying to decide which will be your favorite version with each having its right place in a set and on the dancefloor.”

– Wahine (Spin City/NDC Radio)

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