#OGV008 – George Loggos Feat’ Katerina – You’ll Find A Way (Original Mix + Mannix Remix) ‘OUT NOW’

100% Profits raised got to charity DEC – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Αυτό είναι το καινούριο μας τραγούδι!

‘You’ll Find A Way’ was written during the hard and challenging times of the quarantine. Music and creativity saved the day, as always, and gave the artists the willpower, the motivation and the strength to move forward. This track is about finding your inner power when times get tough. It’s about never giving up, no matter what.


George is a producer and a musician, Katerina a vocalist and a lyricist, both from Rhodes isl, Greece. They were united by their mutual passion and love for good music. They each have releases on various labels such as Plastic City, Night Grooves, Krafted Records, Plusssoda Music, The Purr, Konura recordings and more.

Though born and bred Greek, Katerina’s musical soul was carved in Manchester’s dark clubs and bars. She studied sociology and psychology while her student room was decorated with turntables, speakers and records, but her real love was in writting and her own songs. While experimenting with writting lyrics for more club-friendly tracks, she eventually wrote and performed Unconditional Love, her debut with R.T.A. aka George Kagais,which was released on the top label Plastic City. Since then, she has collaborated with respectable names of the Greek and global underground scene like Nikos Diamantopoulos, Elias Tzikas, Forteba, Memet and Andrianos Papadeas.

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