Planet Discopia! – Unmixed/Mixed Digital Album

Natasha Kitty Katt & The Knutsens welcome you to the Planet of Discopia!

10x Unmixed Disco, Nu Disco & Indie Dance Tracks
from OPOLOPO, Mark Brickman, Wardell Piper, Ali Aitken, D.C. LaRue, Yam Who?, Antenna! & more!

1x Continuous Mix from Natasha Kitty Katt & The Knutsens

1. Continuous Mix by Natasha Kitty Katt & The Knutsens
2. D.C. LaRue – Do You Want The Real Thing (OPOLOPO Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
3. Hotmood – If You Wanna Dance [Ghetto Disco Records]
4. Wardell Piper – Legendary (Ali Aitken Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
5. D.C. LaRue – Indiscreet (The Knutsens Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
6. Natasha Kitty Katt & Tommy Tangie – Electrifying [Ghetto Disco Records]
7. Rony Breaker Feat’ Damon Trueitt – Sweet Mary (Yam Who? Remix) [Midnight Riot Records]
8. Natasha Kitty Katt – Kosmic Oscillations (Ali Aitken Remix) [Ghetto Disco Records]
9. Dutch Robinson – Drive Me Wild (OPOLOPO Remix) [Only Good Vibes Music]
10. Platinum City – Holy Spirit (DJ Mark Brickman Remix) [Midnight Riot Records]
11. Antenna! – Foton (Extended Mix) [Ghetto Disco Records]


“Blasting off on an interstellar journey to a world called Discopia!
Where mirrorball moons flash in time to the disco tunes.

Funky worms carve sine waves in the sand, and other glowing creatures light up the land.

As the planet spins round at 45 and 33,
the tides wash like hi-hats over the sea.

Hear a snare like sound as they crash against bass rocks.
And a chorus of singers sent by Emperor Needlefingers.

Rainbows appear as the basslines drop,
but are quickly absorbed by the evil Emperor’s glitterbots.

They keep energised by a delicious breakfast of light.
And leave complex patterns in the sand at night.”

In the far reaches of the cosmos lies Discopia!

A planet illuminated by an endless nightlife, soundtracked by the continuous loop of the finest Disco, Nu Disco & Indie Dance music! Inhabited by the Discopians, a friendly, fun loving people who have devoted their lives to the fabulous world of Disco!

Recently 3 discopian DJs accepted a very special mission. 

Their mission? 

To visit Planet Earth & bring joy, love, hope & positivity through the music of Discopia! Armed with 10 of the planets favourite records, they boarded their spacecraft & set off for earth…


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