‘Black Devil Disco’ – The OGV Music Blog #1

This enigmatic release from french producers Bernard Fevre and Jacky Giordano was pressed out in 1978.

Consisting of 6 mysterious, slightly dark disco tracks created with live drums, synthesizers and tape loops. Each track was recorded in one full “jam” with scant ability for editing. Driving Sequenced rhythms compliment the drums throughout and emotive vocals seem to hint at the soulful feelings running through the artist at the time.

With shuffling grooves and stuttered vocal processing it seems to have taken a fair degree of guidance from Giorgio Moroder’s album release from the previous year.

His tracks “faster than the speed of love” and “lost Angeles” seem to deal the most influence, but Black devil disco has a fiercer sound and an even more forward leaning slant.

I first came across this artist as a young gamer playing through GTA 4 in 2008, and although I didn’t really rate that particular game in the series very highly, exposure to the usually well curated soundtrack allowed young music fans a glimpse into forgotten gems that we really needed to hear. This has always been a staple of the GTA series, especially through the 6th and 7th generation of console releases. Even though >the devil in us< was a far more modern work by Bernard, It intrigued me to know where it had come from, and It seemingly sounds like he just walked back into the same room in Paris and blew the dust off the old equipment.

At time of writing, this masterpiece is now 42 years old. Which in consideration of world/technological developments since then, this Journey through a wondrous dark cave of early electronica/disco music only gets better with each listen. It’s no surprise that Rephlex records sought fit to get this one back out there. Apparently an old copy was discovered at a car boot sale. As good a place as any for finding classic french antiques.

Written by Chris Conway

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